(1) IP_ Integrative Process of LEED BD+C v4

(1) IP_ Integrative Process of LEED BD+C v4

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What you'll learn
  • LEED Basic Knowledge
  • LEED Scopes (Project Types)
  • LEED Credit Categories
  • LEED Integrative Process


This course is for individuals who plan to understand LEED or even to take its GA, AP credential exams.

The instructor passed 6 LEED AP exams, including Legacy and 5 specialties.
He is the only individual who hold 8 AP (Accredited Professional) credentials including 6 LEED APs + WELL AP + SITES AP), all were issued by GBCI (Green Business/Building Certification Inc.):

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

BD+C: Building Design and Construction

The former is the most popular sustainable rate system currently, the later is the sub-system under it.

First lecture: Brief Introduction of LEED: official associations, professional, etc.

Second lecture: Ten Scopes (Project Types) of LEED BD+C

Third lecture: Nine Credit Categories and Four Certification Levels of LEED BD+C

Fourth lecture: 1st credit category- IP, Integrative Process - prerequisite

Fifth lecture: 1st credit category- IP, Integrative Process - credit

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He-Kui Sustainability Matters 鶴魁綠建築大小事

Ming-Feng Nian, Chicago Booth MBA,

LEED AP (Legacy+5 Specialties), WELL AP, SITES AP, EDGE Expert, TURE Advisor, Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist,

Project Management Professional, Portfolio Management Professional, Risk Management Professional, Scheduling Professional, Professional in Business Analysis, Agile Certified Practitioner

Duration 0 Hours 58 Minutes

Self paced

Intermediate Level

English (US)


Rating 4.93 out of 5 (7 ratings in Udemy)

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