TEACHERS Use Keynote to Create Incredible Worksheets

TEACHERS  Use Keynote to Create Incredible Worksheets

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What you'll learn
  • Use Keynote to make visually appealing worksheets
  • Where to get commercial free pictures and videos
  • Different available software and apps to use when creating worksheets
  • Purpose for making worksheets
  • Ideas for exciting engaging worksheets and handouts


Have you wanted to create content to sell online, use for teaching children, or as part of an online class that you teach on a teaching platform? Well, look no further. Veteran teacher, both in the classroom, as a homeschool parent, and an online teacher, Erinn Santore, is ready to share with you many of the secrets she has learned while creating her own amazing eye-catching handouts. She is the Visual Teacher and is excited to show you Teaching Tips 101.

Find out where to obtain consumer free pictures, how to remove backgrounds when needed, consumer free fonts, and best software and apps to use while designing your own handouts. Erinn will share with you the tips and tricks she has learned while showing you how to use Apple Keynote.

Erinn has a way of explaining things that makes sense. Many people have asked her how she does what she does They are amazed at the beautiful engaging handouts she has created for students.

Join Erinn as she takes you step by step through creating a handout from nothing. Success is literally at your fingertips.

At the end of this course, you will have gained the confidence to create your own content. No longer will you need to worry about copyright and trying to get permission to use someone else's product.

If you are looking to grow your computer technology skills that will bring you many incredible creations, this is the course for you!

Create from the comforts of your home. Success is fingertips away!

Duration 1 Hours 58 Minutes

Self paced

Beginner Level

English (US)


Rating 0 out of 5 (0 ratings in Udemy)

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